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We are looking forward to the Fall Festivals next month! This will be the 7th month. The feasts (and fast) of this month are full of types and shadows of the end times events and the second coming of Messiah!

The Zarahemla Foundation will be celebrating the Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah aka. Rosh Hashanah) on the Evening of September 7th. This will take the place of our regular New Moon Fireside.

On September 17th we will celebrate the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). Come fasting to Willow Park in Lehi, UT. We will be doing baptisms in the Jordan River. We will have a break the fast later that evening, also in Lehi.

The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) begins on the evening of the 21st of September (and goes thru the 29th – the Eighth Day of Assembly). We will be camping together at Rockland Ranch (Hatch Rock), Moab, UT. People are welcome to arrive on the 23rd (Thursday). We will be camping thru the 27th (Monday). If you would like to join us for Sukkot, please register on Eventbright by clicking HERE. This will help us to plan the event.

On the 29th (Wednesday) we will have the General Assembly of the Zarahemla Foundation (also in Lehi).

Seeing as this is the Sabbatical Year, we will be reading the entire Torah over the course of the entire feast. Some of it will be read on your own or with your families, but we will read portions as a group when we are together for our campout. Consult the schedule below for the reading schedule, and other scheduling items. The times on the schedule may change some as we get closer, but this will be a good starting place for planning purposes.

Dr. Miles Jones on Hebrew New Testament Manuscripts

Our next big event will be on the 18th of July, 2021. The Zarahemla Foundation is pleased to sponsor Dr. Miles R. Jones.

He is joining us in person all the way from his home state of Texas. He is a linguist and educator who has been researching and writing about the survival of ancient Hebrew manuscripts of the New Testament and the nature of the early Christian Church before the Great Apostasy. It is commonly believed that the New Testament was composed and transmitted entirely in Greek; however, this notion is increasingly being proven to be false with many recent discoveries of ancient Hebrew texts coming to light. Perhaps needless to say, this is a very big deal! Dr. Jones has been intimately involved in bringing to light these recent discoveries. He will be speaking to us about his work.

The event is free to attend in person, but seating is limited (you may attend via Zoom as well for a fee of $5). Reserve your seats by clicking on the button above. The event will be held in Lehi, UT at the Glenn J Kimber Academy, 46 N 300 W, Lehi, UT 84043. The event will start at 6:00 pm with live entertainment and a light supper. Dr. Jones’ presentation will begin at 7:00 pm and will be followed by a Q&A session. Please consider a donation to the Zarahemla Foundation to help with costs. Donations can be made via PayPal (, or in person at the event. These donations are tax deductible and we can get you a receipt if you would like. The COVID policy for this event is the same as it was for our recent Shavuot Conference, which can be found here. Essentially, there are no restrictions. The rights of healthy people to make their own decisions will be respected.

This event is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, and there will be no childcare provided. However, parents may make decisions for their own children. There is a play yard outside where restless children can be taken by their parents if needed.

Dr. Miles R. Jones is the author of: The Writing of God, The Secret of the Real Mount Sinai. and Sons of Zion vs Sons of Greece, The Survival of the Hebrew Gospels and the Messianic Church (among many other publications). He has translated ancient inscriptions from Mount Sinai in Midian, Arabia which speak of events straight from the pages of Exodus and provide physical proof of the Sinai Covenant. He has uncovered some of the earliest manuscript of the Gospels in Hebrew and authenticated their first century origin.

Dr. Jones graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a doctorate in foreign language education specializing in accelerated learning. He has a Masters degree in bilingual education and a Bachelors in languages and linguistics from Antioch University.

Dr. Jones is also the founder of the Institute for Accelerated Learning where he trains homeschoolers, parents, and teachers in the Jones Geniuses Accelerated Education curriculum he created. Dr. Jones served as Language Training Specialist for the U.S. Defense Language Institute; Professor of English at the Air Defense Academy in Sanaa, Yemen; Language Training Manager for Ford Motor Co. of Mexico; Reading and Research Consultant for World Book Encyclopedia; Accelerated Learning Specialist for Associated Trajectories (Trajectoires Associees) and Chief of Pedagogy for English at the Apprentice Training Center (Centre de Formation Apprentis) in Paris, France. Dr. Jones taught in Dallas public schools for 6 years as a classroom teacher, served as Dean of Instruction at the Oak Cliff Charter Academy, and was Assistant Professor of Education at Texas A&M.

Dr. Jones has appeared a number of times with Michael Rood on Shabbat Night Live:

Survival of the Hebrew Gospels – Shabbat Night Live – 11/22/19

Hidden For Centuries – Shabbat Night Live – 11/29/19

This Changes Everything – Shabbat Night Live – 12/06/19

Jesus Is NOT Who You Think – Shabbat Night Live – 12/13/19

The Gospel of India – Shabbat Night Live – 11/13/20

Why Do The Hebrew Gospels Matter? – Shabbat Night Live – 11/20/20

This is only a sampling. Dr. Jones has appeared in video many other times with Michael Rood and others. This is an amazing opportunity to hear him speak. We hope you will join us.

Check here for updates on other events sponsored by the Zarahemla Foundation. You can subscribe to the Google Calendar below for the full details of our festival celebrations. We also have a printed version of the calendar that you can download. The printed version has some articles relating to this particular version of the Israelite calendar.

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