About Us

The Zarahemla Foundation is a non-profit and non-denominational organization, officially organized on the 15th of November 2015. One of our aims is to encourage an appreciation for, and even a love of, our ancient Israelite heritage (whether physical or spiritual). Another is to show that these things are not antithetical to our Mormon, Christian upbringing; rather, they are foundational.

As a group we observe the biblically commanded feast days (as far as we are able), and invite others to do the same thru educational efforts and sponsoring activities such as this Shavuot Conference (the Restoration Torah Conference). We desire to provide opportunities where individuals and families, with similar interests in the feasts, the Torah, and all things Israelite, can fellowship and learn from one another.

About The Feasts

There are deep and beautiful things that are taught thru the symbolism contained in the festival observances. In the temple endowment we are to consider ourselves as tho we were our ancient progenitors, Adam and Eve. Likewise, in the celebrations of the festival days, we are to consider ourselves as tho we were our ancient Fathers and Mothers. Thus, it was we, the living, who were redeemed from Egypt at Passover. It was we, the living, that ate the manna in the wilderness, and dwelt in tents on our journey to the Promised Land. It was we, the living, who stood at the foot of the mountain on fire, while the shofar sounded, and the earth shook, as YHVH uttered the 10 sayings. It was we, the living, who responded that we would keep his Law.

The commandment, in every generation, has ever been, to teach our children what YHVH did for “us”. In both feast keeping, and the temple endowment, we try to experience what our ancient ancestors experienced, Hear what they heard, say what they said, do what they did, and make the promises that they made, and all in the hopes that we may receive the blessings they received!

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